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Replacement GOSM Thermometer

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good exterior thermometer for my GOSM? I have a maverick with the duel probes one for meat and one for cooking surface temp? I want one thats permanent through the hole in the door.
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I have three on the door of my GOSM, for temps at different rack levels. Here's where I got them from
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Just put -- 'bout 15 minute ago - a Q Pro 2 inch on my Smokin' Pro. Drilled a hole 5/16th...washer outside with hi temp caulk. Pushed thermo. thru. Washer inside ...with a little..very little ....VERY litte 'c-type' slide on clamp. Looks like a MINI-horseshoe with 'minute' pin side holes at the end. DID I MENTION these are SMALL!!!

I slid 2 of these little jobbies down the stem inside the smoker -- which in theory will secure washer to inside of hood.

83 cents in material. NOT including thermo.
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You thumbnail shows quite a variance in temps throughout the levels in your smoker. Is that common?
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Can you supply any pictures of your work? I'd be interested in seeing them.
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I really like this idea, I might make this mod to mine.
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Very common for me. Bottom vents closed to factory settings, top vent wide open. Gives me a chance to smoke stuff at different temps, great for ribs on top and chicken on the bottom. I understand that these temps can vary by smoker and or location.
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Thanks for everyones input and sugestions.
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