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FLW Smoker

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Hello to this forum as of today. You all convinced me to buy a GOSM...I just did the transaction on and am having it shipped to the store near me. Unfortunately I will have to wait at least a week for it to arrive.
Will probably do the 3-2-1 ribs as my first exercise.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Welcome to SMF! Check out all of the stuff to the left, and in the forums. Don't forget to show us your Qview!
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Jeffery, welcome to the forum. May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Congrats on the GOSM they are great smokers don't forget to season it before you smoke anything. Have fun and happy smoking
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Is there a thread on how to season the GOSM? Or is it in the user's manual?
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The one I had I turned on high put chips in and ran it for about 4 hours. Thats just me. Seemed to work fine.
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I washed mine out first then did the same thing but ran at 250 for 45 minutes then 350 for 45 minutes and called that good enough. Water pan full too
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Thread Starter it. Thanks.
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Thread Starter it. Thanks.

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Hello and welcome to the SMF. You'll be pleased with that smoker, known for putting out great Q.
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Welcome, you'll like the GOSM.
Read the mod threads and enjoy
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, picked a good one to start with
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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new smoker.
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Welcome Jeffery! I'm new here too (just a few days) and I can tell you that you'll get all the help you could want from this forum. These guys are all great. Good luck with your new GOSM. I'm about to buy one of these myself. Let us know how your first smoke turns out

I see smoke rings in my sleep!
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