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How-to smoke venison brats

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Hello All!

I am a first-timer here and have a quick question on how to smoke venison brats. We have made brats for several years and have just grilled them. I was given an electric smoker as a Christmas gift and would like to try it out with some of our brats.

I have learned that we are supposed to use a cure in the brats, but I did not do that. Am I still able to smoke them? Should I par-boil them first?

Forgive me if I've asked any stupid questions! I am totally new to this!

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to SMF...without a cure, I'd stick with grillin them
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Would I be able to pre-cook or par-boil them first and still get some smoke into them?
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I've never tried, but don't see why not.
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What internal temps should I be looking for?

Thanks for helping by the way!
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If memory serves me right....152* internal

No problem w/ the help...that's why we're here biggrin.gif
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So, since I did not add a cure to them, does it sound right to par-boil them for about 10 minutes... and then? Can I put them in the smoker for awhile? I am not looking to preserve these. I want to cook them for suppericon_smile.gif
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You should fully cook before smoking...just to be save.
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OK. Once I have them fully cooked, what should I expect? Xhours or until Xdegrees?
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I think you just have to avoid having them in the danger zone for more than 4 hours. I cook brats all the time on my Weber at around 250 deg. to 300 deg. I usually take them to 160-165 internal but 152 might be ok. Since they are only in the smoke a couple hours I see no need for cure.
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No need to par boil. You just need to smoke them faster without cure. Smoke at 225 to 240 till internal temp of 150 to 160. They will be great!! If they need to keep warm till the rest of the meal is done, you can simmer some onions and peppers in beer and throw them in there after the smoke.
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Thanks everyone! I'll work on this and let you know how it goes!
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Oppps! I got cold smokin on the brain today...sorry!!!
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Remember, I'm a beginner! What do you mean by this?
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You'll be fine smoking them at 225*-250*....for some reason I thought you were cold smokin (lower Temps).
Sorry to confuse you and steer ya in the wrong direction....My Fault!!!!icon_redface.gif
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So essentially I can treat the smoker as if I were grilling the brats? Without cure? If so, that's great!

Any idea about how long it would take to get 8 brats up to 160 when smoking at 250?
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Yup...as Trapper said, they only take a couple hours.

Again, sorry!
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Hey - Nothing to apologize for! I GREATLY appreciate the help!
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How'd you make out?
I wouldn't make it a practice of smoking your brats without curing.
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I really can not offer any info that has not already been submitted here. I would suggest 2 things. First, if you are interested in smoking meats and want to expand on it to other areas other than brauts, get yourself a decent thermometer, preferably one that comes with 2 probes, one for the meat and one for the smoker itself. (Digital) That way you can watch your temps without opening the smoker to see if things are done. Second, pick up a copy of Ryteks book"Great sausage recipes and meat curing" You can find that on ebay for about 20 bucks or so. Author Rytek Kutas. I have been a member on this forum for a little over 2 months and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge since doing so. Also, the book is a must have in my opinion. Really cuts the learning curve and provides tons of great recipes. Hope this helps you a bit.
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