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Pork Butt

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Good morning

My wife brought home a 8 lb. shoulder for me last night. So I trimmed it and rubbed it down with my standard rub (Don's famous rub) and put it in the frig..
Then I started looking around and found alot of info. on injecting. Was thinking about maple syurp, rum, brown sugar and apple juice. Let me know what you think good or bad etc.

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RUM...I like your thinkin.

If I inject, I typically mix the rub with some apple juice,
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What is the major difference when you inject? Is the meat more juicy, tender or is it more about the flavor you are introducing to it?

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You're on the right track with all of the above my friend.
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Just make sure when you inject it, that you get your mixture throughout the entire piece of meat. To much is better than to little.
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That sounds really good to me. icon_smile.gif
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I injected two 9 lb pork loins for some friends the other day. I used apple juice, soy and worcestershire. All I heard from them last night was how good the meat was. It was tender and you could taste the apples.

So to answer your questions....yes.
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We started injecting lasy year and placed in all our competitions.We use a modified big bob gibson injection.We let injection work its magic at least four hours in meat before smoking.
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