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Is it okay to use mulberry for smoking food? My buddy has a tree he is about to cut down, and i want to know if i should score some free wood.
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nevermind, i learned to use the search button and found that it reminds people of apple.

Now, do i have to age it or can i use it now? He cut it down one week ago
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Ummm, idk why not. Its a fruit bearing tree, and most fruit bearing trees make good smoking woods
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I would season for atleast 6 months, or preburn.
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so to season do i just let it sit there for 6 months? what is preburn
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I would split it and stack it loosley to allow for air to circulate around it and keep it out of the weather for 6 months

Preburning is burning the wood before putting it into the smoker to get rid of some of the "crap" that is in it
Check this out for a lil info on why

and this for a good how to
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Mulberry is my absolute Favorite wood for Smokin
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Mulberry is good. Take all you can get. Nice score!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I use it all the time. It has a different look when its done and ashes, kinda white powdery,gotta watch it if its windy, it can (the ashes) float around a bit.It dries pretty quick too if you can keep it out of the rain/snow.
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Thanks for all the advise guys. Im going to take a look at the links smoking365 sent(thanks for the links) to educate myself more. I also just found out my wifes grandmother has a grapefruit and lemon tree. looks like ill be doing some pruning.
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I just scored a seasoned cord for 40 bucks!

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