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Beef Ribs...advice

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So I was in Walmart picking up a pork butt for Sunday's race, and stumbled across some beef back ribs on sale for around $.95/lbs, so I had to buy some.

My question is, anyone have some good experiance with these? Any tips or advice?
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I have done them 3-2-1 with my standard beef rub and they turned out fantastic. If they are the shortribs they shrink up quite a bit so I prefer longer ones but for $.95 I would have jumped on either one.
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I love beef ribs. I rub the night before and wrap and rest overnight. Usually smoke at about 240* with hickory. They cook faster than pork ribs, I have found that 3-2-1 is too long. Have been going with 2-1-.5 and they come out wonderfully, just enough pull. And the dogs really like me that day (they get all the bones).
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MrsB nailed it!
I prefer the beefiesbiggrin.gif
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Nice...thanks! I have an assortment of butt, pork ribs, dutchs beans, and now beef ribs...
Maybe I should invite people over? God I will be full...
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Are they dino ribs or little short ribs? If they're dino-ribs, they're great!
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We cook a lot of beef ribs when I can find them with meat on 'em. In my experience they cook up in about the same amount of time as spares. I prefer to simply season with course salt and fresh cracked black pepper right as they are going on the pit. Racks the size of the ones in the pic usually take about 6 or so hours at 235°-250°.

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I like your style James!!! cool.gif

By imn88fan
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Mine dont look quite that meaty, which is why they might have been on sale...but going to go check them out again today and see if I can grab a few more racks for the freezer...

at less than a buck per pound, why the hell not!
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Definitely stock up at that price. I have never seen beef ribs that meaty in the stores I frequent.
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they arent overly meaty, but they are decent...but for that price, you cant go wrong, you know?
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One More Question

Does anyone know if beef ribs have a membrane similar to pork that has to be removed?
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Yes they do
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I can't seem to find them here. I am going to have to look harder, those look great!!!
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I smoked up some last summer with just a dry rub and some sauce for dipping. From that point on, I buy 'em whenever I can find em.
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Those look good...
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Love them Beefies, but 3-2-1 is not necessary. Think of them like a steak. If you like a nice medium rare then you want less time. Sometimes I foil, sometimes i don't and put them in an aluminum pan instead. Either way, try some Mojo Crillio as a marinade. Excellent for beef.
Done at 225 to 250º on my smoker they get around 4 to 4 1/2 hours tops, so a 2-1.5-.5 if I foil.

In the pan Short Ribs

Some individual beef backed ribs. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

See if you can find the bone in Prime Rib Soup bones. WOW!!
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Keep an eye out when the local grocery or butchers run sales on rib roasts... I try to stock up on the beef ribs when they trim 'em to make boneless rib roasts.
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I would also agree with keeping the seasonings simple. I like them better without a heavy rub or sauce. The 3-2-1 makes them tender and renders out a lot of the fat. icon_smile.gif.
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