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Is my butt to big???

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Ok...here is my delema. I have an 8 pound butt (you know what I mean!) I was planning to get a 6 pounder but this is all they had at the butcher. Should I cut it down. I was hoping to have a 10 hour smoke but if I have to get up early I will.

Any insight on this problem would be greatly appreciated!!!

Im cookin it on my B-day for my buds at the local watering hole.
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I would just get up early. Your not going to get 8lbs of meat. Plus you would rather have too much, instead of not enough. 2lbs is not going to make a big difference in cooking time. So, do you think my butt is too big?
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Cutting it down won't hurt it.
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grany you crack me up.

One more question. Do I add in the 1 hour in the cooler to the approx cook time or is it added at the end?

I have to be their around 4pm or 5pm when do you think I should start? 4am-5am?
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It is added at the end. You could always throw it in the oven and crank some heat to it to get done. My smoker only goes to 275*. This is not the best way, but if you have a deadline then it will work. Put it in the smoker at 225* until about 160* and then throw in the oven with the heat cranked up. Pork Butt is almost impossible to mess up. It always ends up tender and juicy. If I had to have one ready by 4pm I would put it on the day before about 8 pm just to be safe.
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Foiling for at least an hour really helps. I try to do 2 hrs if at all possible.

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Hmmmm an over night cook. I have never done that. Is my gas GOSM good to go? What type of time line should I look at. 8pm-8am smoke (just approx times) 8-10am cooler. 10am pull apart and foil it 3pm reheat with low temp until I head out to the watering hole at 4?
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Smoke it at 275 and it'll be done quicker and taste just as good!
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I could start at 5am then? (my hope).

or 3am?

or 12:01 crack a beer and start to celebrate my over the hill the right way.
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Take what Bubba says with a grain of salt. He has only smoked about 1,000,000+ butts in his lifetime.
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Just keep in mind that properly foiled, wrapped in towels and placed in the cooler, it will stay plenty hot for at least 5-6 hours. Makes it a little easier to plan around the time schedule.
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Words of wisdom...
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Great advice!!! Thanks a ton.

I think Ill start at mid-night at 250 I hope to pull it around 10-noon then cooler it! Pull it with the finishing sauce that is posted around 3. I appreciate all the great info everyone gives here. QView will follow!
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Thanks bubba! I might bump up my 250 to 275 and cooler it for a longer time.
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Cooler it

This has worked great for me so far. I did it with Bison Prime Rib Roast at Christmas. Stayed nice and warm in the towels in the cooler while I waited for relatives in laws. Less stressful too!icon_smile.gif
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You could always cut a piece off and grind for homemade sausage.
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Cut a piece off and make a few Chef's Bonus strips.
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Ill check it out. Ill search for the thread. Sounds interesting.
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Ok couldnt find it on search what is the chef's bonus strips. (sounds like Im being set up for a joke but Ill play along). eek.gif
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Pieces for the chef ta snack onbiggrin.gif
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