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depending on how you got it saved you should be able to edit the picture, it will give you choices on size, the better softwares have a best for net option that is automatic, otherwise just make sure it shows the file size as less than the maximum allowed here. jpg has alot higher limit that the other formats, the file size allowed is listed on the popup for attachments, hope that helps, there is a test area if you want to play around but this was your thread so I'll toss a horizon rd special up just for kicks
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Keep in mind that if you weld stainless steel with regular mild steel welding wire, it won't have the nickel in the wire and all the places you weld will still rust. They make stainless wire and rods, don't know what your using. Regular expanded steel is fine, just season it and keep it sprayed with cooking spray when not in use. Just don't want you to spend the extra time and money and then see rust spots anyway.
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SS is expensive but lv'e been told a good grade will last almost forever.I just ordered a 17" by 24" on line.Cost--$115.00 for 5/16" solid ss. cooks great.icon_smile.gif
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