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Getting ready for the 500 Smoke! Got a questions...

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So its Wednesday, and I am already thinking about what I am going to make for the big race this Sunday. Actually, thats a lie...I have been thinking about it since last weekend when I wasn't able to smoke due to being on vacation.

Going to go with spare ribs for sure, Dutch's beans, and either a butt or brisket. Got a question for the people:

- I am going with the 3-2-1 method on the ribs (of course...nothing better!). Has anyone ever tried throwing the ribs in an aluminum pan covered with foil wrap as opposed to wrapping? Going to do a few racks, so thought this might be easier than wrapping all seperately...

And of course, there will be some photos to follow Saturday night/Sunday...


PS: I am sick of re-registering so many times!!!
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that would work-but adjust the 3-2-1 to fit the ribs-thats just a guide line.
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No Prob

I've "panned" ribs before when doing 2-3 slabs and have had no problems at all. In fact I personally like it better than just wrapping with foil. Easier, no leaks, less mess.
Happy smokes!

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I do the pan all the time I got tired of buying aluminum pans so I have one large metal pan that I have designated to be a rib pan.

I just put a couple ounces of beer in the bottom.

Sometimes (forgive me smoke gods) I will just uncover the pan, sauce the ribs (in the pan) and never actually put them back on the grill.

The sauce seems to cook on good and you never lose any...the runoff sauce mixes with the juice in the bottom of the pan and thats tasty.
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Sweet...thanks for the info. Probably going to just go pick up a cheapo pan to reuse instead of the aluminum a little $$ in the long run.
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When using the 3-2-1 or any variation, I always take the ribs from the rack and into a foil pan. If I have a lot of ladies to serve, I'll leave them pan foiled for 3 hrs., and then take them out. Some ladies like them real tender. Foil pans are very useful and seem to be easier to work with the regular foil.
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I thought the same...the first couple times I used foil, and no matter how strong it is, it always seems to tear a little on the edge of the bones, and leaks everywhere...

So this time I am going with a pan!
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I always use pans for ribs and for butts. I hate getting a whole in my foil and loosing that juicy gold.
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how about some jalepenos stuffed with cheese and brisket, and then wrapped in bacon? That'll make your bull run.
GO 88!
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When I wrap my ribs I usually put 2 racks togethr in the heavy duty foil to cut down on the amount of foil I use.

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