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A step by step jerky recipe. Part One - Page 2

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nice rundown Lee-have thought about but hav't done it.with the temps and smoke time does it need the tenderguick?
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Now I have something new to try wink.gif
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I did a search for jerky recipes a while back and found White Clouds recipe. I have to say it is the best mix I have ever tried, and that includes the Hi Mountain stuff. I use it on beef, but will try the pork. Looks good!
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This is cured, so if ya want to smoke at 150, that would be fine. I just like to get it done alittle sooner. One thing about jerky; I just keep mine chilled, in a gallon zip bag with a paper towel stuffed in there. But after two weeks in the ice box it seems to really improve.
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I cant find tender quick in my area. Boo nly online but the shippong is more than product price. I have a large bag of cure #1. How would I alter your recipe for exactly 2 pounds of meat? Your jerrky looks great.
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was planning on doing some pork jerky this weekend and was looking at White Cloud's recipe and pictures.  Looks great!


One question - I am reading that I should freeze the port loin for about 20 days to guard against Trichinosis......does the temperature of 170 F that White Cloud uses eliminate the need to freeze the pork loin?   I would think it would, but was hoping to hear from someone with more knowledge on this



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Like they all said :Looks-Great::points:


I do more jerky with my smoker than anything else ( thanks to this forum I'm learning and branching out, and lovin it ). Your technique IMHO is flawless, and yes, that smoker looks awesome.

Have made moose, beef and deer jerky. Pork loin is for sure on my list now.  Just wish I could find it as cheap as you did. It averages 3-4 $ lb here. Real good job, thanks for sharing and the Q vue !

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Hello White Cloud...

I used your recipe today and it turned out great..only thing we changed was we did not have onion powder so used dried chopped onion..Anyway it was great..

This is chuck roast..


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Just curious but does anyone know why I can't see the pictures?? Never had this issue before. Thanks

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Has anyone ever tried http://kingmadejerky.com ?  It looks really good and the sodium is ridiculously low

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Hi Robbbd73.  Thank you!! Thumbs Up

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