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Iowa Newbie

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Hi everyone....My name is Linda and I just bought a MES and I have no clue what to do with it. I have been lurking here for quite a bit trying to figure out what smoker to buy and seems like the MES was the right one for me. Now that I bought it, I am lost as to what to do. I did figure out how to preseason it so far. wink.gif I'm sure I will be asking all kinds of questions ..wink.gif

Linda K.
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Welcome to the forum, Linda, and congrats on the new smoker. As long as you have it seasoned, you're ready to start turning out some great smokes. There are a lot of MES owners here and they'll be by shortly to help you out.
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Welcome to the SMF family Linda, I do not own a MES so I'm not much help.

I am sure plenty MES owners will show up to offer advice

Remember to take pics when you smoke, we love q-view

Good Luck and Happy Smokin'
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Welcome, glad ya found us.

Check out the 2nd Annual IOWA gathering post.
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Welcome aboard Linda!
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welcome aboard, i dont own an mes. However if i had a new smoker this is what i would do

1 put it together
2 season it, while you season it practice maintaining or controling tempatures and thin blue smoke
3 i would pick the meat for my first smoke, roaster chickens and pork shoulder or butt can be had for $1.00 +/- some change a pound. both are an good first smoke. chicken takes less time, a good afternoon project
4 choose a wood for smoking hickory for pork, apple for chicken just a suggestion.
5 experiment and have fun, practice makes perfection. each smoker has its own personality, everyone of mine needs pampered in a different way biggrin.gif
6 ask questions, read SMF's, and have fun, enjoy great food, and have fun

good Luck with everything you do and dont forget

Have Fun
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA........Questions are welcome here......so ask away!
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welcome from des moines, lots of MES owners around here they should be able to help you out.
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welcome aboard Linda, from N.C.
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Welcome Linda from Maine, a lot of info here
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Linda, Pleasure to have ya here. I got a Linda (wife) call her Louie, you'll see me post about her, we're a team! Rock On with your smokin!
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Welcome to the forums!
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Hello Linda, and welcome to the SMF. Plenty of great and friendly folks here, enjoy.
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Hey Linda,

I bought my MES in January and have been having a great time so far. First mistake was using too much wood - just needs a few chips at a time to get good results - and based on my luck I'd recommend you try some side ribs using the 3-2-1 method you'll find posted here:


The ribs turned out terrific!

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I seen the post. What is it all about? Never been to anything like that before although we love to camp.
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Last year it was about 8 members and family, total of 22?, we had it at Cherry Glen-sailorville last weekend of july. we sit around and told story and cooked ALOT of food, great time. i will try to find the link from last year. Remour has it, that there was a large amount of alcahol consumed, but only romour.
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I like the commentary on that thread, I looked at it earlier today
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Smokebuzz, I checked out the link and looks like everyone had a great time. I will have to give serious thought about trying to get there. Although I'm not sure about hauling the smoker anywhere.....biggrin.gif The BF thinks I'm nuts now..he is a Webber kind of guy. Thinks everything that needs to be cooked needs to be done on one of those. eek.gif

Linda K.
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welcome to smf linda!!! wont be long u have bf converted... share your smokes with qview!!!
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