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orange glazed beer but chic w/ QVIEW

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have a couple chix here and decided to make a orange seseme glaze to add onto at the end.

the raw material

evoo and basic bbq rub

shiner bock and some of the rub in the cans

in a pan of bacon drippings i added some diced garlic, a couple big spoonfuls of orange marmelade, about the same of some sesamee sauce, and squeezed the juice from two oranges in the pan. let simmer down til it thickened a bit. this was my orange sauce.

at about 160 started basting, will remove at 170 deg. i had smoker at 300 deg. like the skin crispy and the higher temp gives you that.

plated with a stuffed portabella
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That looks good. I especially liked your sauce idea!
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Looks fantastic PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man, does that look good or what?

Nice sauce.

Do I detect some cure there? Looks nice and juicy and a little pink is why I am asking.

Good job man.
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good eye man, been in cure since wednesday... turned out super.....
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Nice job, Erain. Looks delicious. biggrin.gif
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Details please, what cure and quanities?
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Looks & sounds awesome!
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Nummie Num Numzzzz
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Mmm MMM mmm - that looks real good.
Makes me hungry - and I just ate!
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Great smoke, and congrats on the tasty looking Q.
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Man....that does look good!!
Great job Erain. I detect a orange theme in your last few smokes....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow that looks fantastic!
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Looks fine!
Why did you use cure on it?
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You've done it again erain..great job!
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thks all, just to answer a cuple questions,

grothe, you are right, i bought a box full of great oranges on a fund raising drive by the local ffa chapter and using them up. just trying to see what i can come up with using these up. maybe one more smoke and they be gone. but it was both interesting and tastey,

smokeguy, i used the cure to enhance the flavor, gives it a lil bit of a hammy taste. it works well with pork ribs as well. just for your all info i noticed the dark meat on the chicken takes the cure different than the white meat. the dark will turn color giving the traditional pink color more than the white meat portions. at least that was my observation. used tenderquick, i tablespoon per pound weight of the chicken. rubbed it in and let set for a couple days turning daily. then before appllying the rub washed thouroughly and let soak in cold water for about half an hour.

thks its good to be back online posting qview. hope some of you give this a try and post on it.
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