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First BBs + Sausage Qview

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My first attempt at baby backs on the gosm. Did 4 racks along with some sausages and Dutch's beans. Did the ribs with 2-2-1 method at around 225 degrees. 2 of the racks came out perfect, one was overdone (falling apart), and one was cooked but needed more time in the smoker. Next time I will rotate the ribs on the shelves.

Here are the 2 good ones.

The sausages were a Cajun sausage from a local German master sausage maker. They were awesome. Cant wait to go back there and try some of his other meats.

Boy vs. Rib

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I think he likes em!!
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Those ribs look GREAT!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Sausage looks pretty good too.

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Yeah, he was NOT happy when I took that bone away.icon_cry.gif
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I'll take the one that fell apart. Just mix in some of my homemade BBQ sause and I'm good to go! BTW, looks great. Thanks for the Qview.
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Looks great! Well done.
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looks great, I love the boy vs rib pic looks like he was having a good time
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The ribs and sausage look great! Better hide you plate from that boy cause he is going to be looking for more. lol
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