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Venison Sausage Hot Smoked

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I smoked the rest of the jalapeño venison sausage I had left at camp today. Heres how it came out

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Man that looks good!
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Man....Be glad one son is (no I know your not) deployed & one at work tomorrow with me. They would be sneakin up to your place beggin! Fine job!
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It is!biggrin.gif
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great looking sausages
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Yessir, that's some good looking sausage!!
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Looks great Jerry.
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Nice Job Jerry.
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So I guess there will be a package in my mail box tomorrow when I get home. Haha
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Looks great Jerry!!
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Mmmmm!!! biggrin.gif Piney, great looking venison sausage!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I am not sure it gets much better than that!
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Nice sausages!!
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Man that is good looking!! I bet the flavor is great!!
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Those look really good, Jerry. icon_smile.gif
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Good looking sausages Jerry!
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Looks good

They look good and hot lolol

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