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Nice looking box! I am more impressed that I have found another Natural Light drinking smoker, there always seems to be a cold Natural around here....... biggrin.gif
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Rock On with the Natural Light! I'll post or answer whatever ya need. Before I put the burner in I had a hot plate in it & used Traegers pellets & I wanted to season it hard so that is why it is belching smoke did this every afternoon when I got home from work.

Burner in place with a concrete paver to absorb heat, did it for safety. It is not hot down there. Also see copper tubing instead of a hose.

2x2's support the oven racks (free) from a appliance store. Built the smoker around the LXW of the racks.

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Hey Slant88. AT first I thought you were going to be sawed in half! ha-ha.
Great box and I'll bet it will take on a good smell. I think I would have made it half as tall. Anyway, it will be a fun smoker.

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Remember heat rises, don't want to insult ya! That heat needs to go! It will maintain 300* for 4 hours so far. That was a test to see if it would. For the smell, I roll it back into my garage, it has a smoke smell in there.
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Too hot

Hey is that burner too hot, I saw this on another site, but the burner was modified with a different lower pressure regulator to make it burn hotter, I really like that design, I was thinking about building one like that in my shop with a fixed flu and a exhaust fan....
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It Looks like it started out as a coffin and when you didn't quite fit it was quickly converted into a smoker. Nice save! icon_smile.gif

Great looking build. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Burner works fine. Good idea for your shop!
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Heres the site where i got the idea from. This guy goes into detail. I wanted racks, so I could use it in different ways.
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