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Ribeye Roast

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Decided to smoke a ribeye roast this afternoon. I prepped this one with montreal Steak seasoning and slathered it liberally with a balsamic vinegar glaze.

I'm smoking it @ 235 to 240*F to a nice med rare for slicing.

When a probe slides into a roast as easy as this one did you know good things are ahead.

I see some killer Phillys in my future....
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Lookin' good!
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Sweeeeet! Can't wait to see the end result!
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Looks great I'll be watching for the rest for sure
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I for sure want to see this sliced!
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That looks real good Dan. I'd be drooling over it if I wasn't sick. icon_smile.gif
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Mmmmm Dan...looks outstanding! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Can't wait to see a slice of that!!!
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Ok ok....

I have to say it tatses as good as it looks.. Tender as all get out! That glaze is absolutley fantastic.

I sliced a bit for my dinner to go with some brushetta the rest will get sliced on the slicer. I'm gonna be lovin life come dinner time a few days this week. biggrin.gif
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That looks awesome dan.

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Wow that looks tasty!
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Where you live? I'm on my way now. Save me some!

Tarheel bill
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looks great Dan good job.
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Man can't stop drooling. Looks Great
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Seriously, that looks amazing! Makes me wanna grab some French bread and horseradish. :)
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Try that balsamic glaze drizzled on some french fries with a little parmesan cheese sprinkle, it is to die for.
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