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new guy from missouri

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Just got started smoking got a char broil silver smoker for christmas.
So far i've smoked a pork loin that turned out great and a fatty that was'nt to bad still need some work on them. I've got another loin on the smoker right now with some potatos and garlic. Can't wait till their done.
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Welcome to SMF. Would love to see some Q-View of that loin ya got going!
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Welcome and enjoy the forum. You might want to take Jeff's 5 day E course.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. We like Qview biggrin.gif Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF. Don't forget we like qview! icon_smile.gif
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Welcome aboard! I am from sw mo. Where you at? Good to have another show me guy on here!
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This is the loin I did today.
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What kinda loin is it?
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whole pork loin with dry rub wrapped in bacon smothered in mustard with another coat of rub then stuffed with bacon.

I'm south of springfield
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Pleasure ta have ya hear! Nobody LAFF! I graduated from HS in Missouri....Knob Noster.
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Not far at all then. I am just south of Joplin.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome from Southeast Missouri.
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welcome aboard glad you joined us
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Welcome aboard...I am up south of KC, but went to school at SMSU (Note that I did not call it Missouri will always be Southwest Missouri State University to me)

Nice Qview on the pork loin below.
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Welcome to the SMF. BTW, congrats on that new Christmas present, it'll bring you and others many a good Q.
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Welcome aboard!
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Hey another SW MO guy! Welcome aboard and good smoke to you!
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