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Cold Morning in Missouri - Briskets a Smokin

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Hello all,

This is my first brisket this year, so we will see how it turns out. Its a little nippy out right now: Its 35 degrees, but there is a it feels colder...

Supposed to be a 53 degree day, so I am not too worried about the temp (smoker is settling in around 220-225 right now)

Smoking a 9lb packer and some beef/sausage burnt ends...also have 6 italian sausage in there to fill up the extra space (I just hate to see an empty spot on one of the grills when I am smoking :-)

Using some old hickory from last year and have my traditional mop (1/2 cup Tattoo Rum, 1/2 cup apple juice, 1/4 cup apple cider)

I will post some Q later in the day...

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Sounds like ya got it goin!
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Can't wait to see your Qview! :)
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Keep us updated BoneDaddy!
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Your mop sounds good. Cant wait for some Qviews.
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Sounds like a beautiful day for a smoke! Glad you have your brisket on and will look forward to some pics as the day progresses!! biggrin.gif
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You just described our recent weather in Weechetah to a tee. I expect that we'll see more days like this too. I look forward to hearing how your brisket fares in MO. Best of luck. I've got to figure this brisket science out!
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Hmmm....4 1/2 hours into this smoke and the Brisket is sitting at 194 degrees already? I have never had one cook this fast. I did notice there was a lot more runoff from this piece of meat than I have had in the past (made a right good mess on my deck mat...good thing its waterproof or my wife would have my hide on the shed!!!)

The temp in the box is 225 to 250...I foiled the brisket at about 2 1/2 hours.

I checked temp with 2 different thermos, and got the same reading (within a degree)

So QView may be quicker than I thought...Anyone else seen this before?
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OK, here is the final. The brisket did in fact cook that fast! I have never seen a 9lb brisket cook in 5 hours to 200 degrees, but after placing in a cooler wrapped in the towel, it came out just fine.

Here is the brisket:

Here is the Sliced Meat:

Beef Burnt Ends:

Sausage Burnt ends and some Italian sausage:

Thanks, I gotta run...cause now its time to eat!!!!
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Looks great!
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