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Good Morning All

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Well good morning everybody, as you can tell i'm all happy today. Thats a change... it's 0500 and i've had a ten pound pork sholder on the GOSM for an hour, and a six pound butt going on in a couple of hours. I'm going to make some que today for the boys at work. Hope to have "Q view" late this evening. Nothing like my neighbors wakeing up to the thin blue smoke... biggrin.gif Hey CG.
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Good morning lakeman! Sounds like it's gonna be a good day!
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Yep looks like another nice day here. The temp just got up to the freezing level and climbing gonna be another great day of melting all that white stuff. Yesterday was wonderful. I'm heading out to the butchers to get me some Dino ribs.
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good morning back at ya-good luck on the smoke-long awaited rain in the desert here-started at 2am-so I got up and started a batch of chili-maybe will see a little smoke later-I just gonna sit around and enjoy the rain.
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Thats a great way to start the day out!
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Hey Lakeman, good to see ya back! That's nice of you to smoke for your friends at work, I'm sure they will appreciate it. Looking forward to your Qview!
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Sounds like it gonna be a good smoke!
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