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my new hot sauce
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Looking good! We do our own hot sauce also. At the stage where they are blended and before adding salt and cooking, the peppers look the right consistency to make hot pepper jelly! We do that and just leave the pectin clear (no food coloring). All of those different colored peppers you have would make a beautiful jelly!!
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I must confess, as good as that looks I know it is too hot for me.

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if you want to make a hot sauce that is not so hot, you can subsitute different kinds of peppers

for example instead of just using all habanero's, you can mix in some bell peppers of the same color, then your sauce looks hot but is only mild.

my next sauce is coming this weekend. habaneros smoked with cherry/alder mix
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i am looking for a TNT recipe for a hot pepper jelly. something along the lines of maybe apricot jelly. we are trying to get some more hot sauces made up to get ready for a local farmers market.
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we use the recipe that comes in the box with the sure-jel and it works fine. we also color code the jelly as to type of peppers used. mmmm good stuff.
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Hubby uses the sure-jel recipe also. We don't add food coloring because the peppers look so pretty in the jelly. It will take on a slight tinge from the peppers. Last year we took some black raspberries and cooked them down and added with the hot peppers...OMG was that good.
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First off, that looks so good !
I love that chili brain freeze you get with them bonets !

Secondly, that black raspberrie pepper jelly sounds like it's to die for.
All I can think of now , is now I know what I want to smear all over the next ducks or geese I kill !!!
Roast wild goose or duck,with Black raspberrie pepper jelly........Yum !!!

I can't wait to try this out ,awesome idea's from this great web site once again..........Pictures too come.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great Looking hot sauce you got there...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Makes me wanna to go buy a bottle of tequila and take a Shot...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Oh wow, that's some mighty fine looking hot salsa! Well done PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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