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the making of a hot sauce

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hey all... i started this from scratch...and finished it tonight....

started with some scotch bonnets

cleaned and stems removed...cut in half... yes i left seeds in it... i will either strain them later or liquify them when the final mash is used for hot sauce

in the blender and ready to be chopped

chopped and ready to put into the jar... danger danger Will Smith, danger danger...dont put head over blender when you open lid.. cough cough..lol

in the jar, added one tablespoon of pickling salt, shook... added one more tablespoon into top of peppers in jar after shaking,capped and boiled for 20 minutes...let it ferment

hot sauce made and bottled in approx. 4 oz jelly jars

ingredients: roasted garlic,onions,scotch bonnets,apple cider vinegar,salt,lime juice and a secret ingredient.lol

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Looks hot!
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im looking for a couple boxes of blood oranges to make another batch of my scotch bonnet marmalade. i cant wait i got the canning jars ready and everything! Yours looks great!
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What movie is that from?

And that sounds amazing! I want to try making my own hot sauce very soon now.
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yumm that sounds good-I like making hot sauce.
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yah with the varieties of peppers u can get there i bet...

oh one of the ingredients i forgot to mention was tequilla biggrin.gif
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was the tequilla aged under the sink for however long?biggrin.gif
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Movie = The Golden Child. With Eddie Murphy. The Capper guy was some evil Dude that turned into a demon dragon.
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I do like my hot sauce. Nicely done!
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Good looking hot sauce Jeff.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks like it has some serious heat; definitely inspiring...makes me wanna go buy some peppers & give it a shot!
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Last action Hero w/ Arnold Swarznegger
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In the immortal words of Paris Hilton "That's Hot".
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That looks awesome.
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opened the first jar to taste test

was salty when i first opened it... let it sit for awhile and mixed it around..not so salty now

added a couple more teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and now it tastes like awesome hot sauce...

its got a creeper hotness to it. tried a couple of drops, a little heat right away then it hits you..the burn lasts about 10 minutes in my mouthicon_mrgreen.gif
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all i can say is OOOOOOUCH !!! and i luv hot but wow
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Sounds great! I have the peppers planted now.
Good job.
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Looks nice! Got my peppers planted too.

So was the tequila the "secret ingredient"? Or is it Tums for after?wink.gif
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dried apricots, rehydrated in the tequila as not to add more liquid to the hotsauce
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