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Shelves for a GOSM

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Do any of you with a GOSM know where I can pick up replacement racks for one. I found what I think is a deal on one but it doesn't have any racks. I've searched all over the internet and cannot find pricing or a source for replacement racks.
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might want to search for cooking grids. Not sure of the dimensions you are looking for, but this may help:
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Looked at this site already. Grids are for grills and too expensive. Didn't find any the right size. I thought that someone with a GOSM might have a number or contact info for replacement parts.
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I made mine from old stove racks. The local Habitat Restore had a stack to choose from and I got lucky to find some that would fit AFTER cutting down to size. They work well, actually better than originals!

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GOSM's manufacturer is long gone. Now I looked at I thin was a smoke hollow unit ifin anybody got one maybe they can measure theres an see ifin they fit in yers. Also sears be sellin units strangly similar ta the GOSM, might be another source a racks. A local weldin shop should be able ta make ya up some with expanded metal mesh fer a decent price or maybe ya know somebody with a welder.
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I went to Lowes and bought a BBQ grill rack they are the black porcelon kind. Had to cut off inch off one end. They really clean up nice and easy. Think I paid $15 a piece for them.
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Thanks! Got it!
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I got an adjustable rack for mine at walmart. Or you could use expanded metal.

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