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Butt Pastrami

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In making up some corned beef for pastrami I wondered how pork pastrami would be so I carved up a butt for the occasion.

It''ll sit in cure for at least a couple weeks before it's ready to proceed.
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Dan, that sounds really, really good. Can't wait to see it finished. cool.gif
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I don't see how it couldn't be good. Keep us posted.
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Yea...... this looks like it could possibly be Shweeeeet!
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dan how about a update on this....looks good.....and i luv pastrami...and i have a extra butt in my freezer
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Ditto! cool.gif
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Thinking outside that smoke box, Dan ... looks like we're all in for some killer qvue if this tastes as good as it sounds! biggrin.gif
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