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Anyone have any pics of the new MES with the glass door?I cant find one anywhere.
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They are a Sam's Club exclusive.

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mes 40

thanks ron,
i took pics of all the meats but not of the new smoker.
I love it. makes life very easy.
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Saw one of these today....$298.00
I'm thinking hard about getting one.....
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how do these masterbuilts compare to a propane smoker? I was looking at getting a propane smoker, but can't find one the is wide enough. So I started looking at different options, electric being one of them.
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here's a couple
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Do any owners of the new MES have or use to own the last style MES to give a comparison recomendation?
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here's a couple
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theres stuff called awesome orange that will clean that glass right up..all natural i get it at the dollar store it cleans my rack thermometers
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Glad to see you get that thing dirty. biggrin.gif

How do you like it?

How does the glass work for you? And the probe?
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I just purchased the new mes first watt burner. Still getting use to it's like and dis likes i'll geter down soonbiggrin.gif As for propane I love my BBGOSM. Have had it seval years now and it never misses a beat.
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