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I'm back, too.

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I guess I wasn't alone in being left out of the loop. I finally gave up trying to get back in on my old login and re-registered. Hoping to start enjoying this site again - lots of good info here from what I've seen so far. I'm wishing Ohio's weather would straighten up enough to let me use that new smoker!
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Welcome back, Hank! Glad you re-joined the family.
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Glad to see you back Hank!
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Welcome back from Pittsburgh, PA
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Hank's back on track, it's all good.
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Glad you're back along with us. What kind of smoker are you keeping buried under the drifts. Break that sucker out and fire it up!
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Welcome Back!
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Welcome Back
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RE: I'm back

I posted some pics on the elec smoker board - it's brand new from Cabela's. Had an ECB charcoal that gave me fits, hoping to get some feedback from others who have experience with this model. Thanks for the welcome.
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Welcome back!!
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Welcome back.................
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