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What!! No BBQ in Bangkok???

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Been here nine days and have yet to find any bbq!! Did fine a Japanese place that advertised BBQ, but that wasn't bbq. Oh, well.....if anyone is interested I do see a business opportunity though for some good BBQ. You think it's hot where your at....I come back to the hotel soaked everyday!! I need to go buy more clothes!! Hope everyone in SMF land is doing well....I haven't been on since I started this trip.
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Hello 1/2 a world away!

So ... you're in Bangkok and typing us from there? That's so cool .. if ya have a camera take some pics of what they consider "BBQ" and share with us! Or, share some pics in general, that would be pretty cool to see.

Have a great trip, and a safe return!
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It's 12 hours difference here. It's almost 11pm Saturday night. I've got some about me and a co-worker riding an elephant in the water? Since I don't swim that had me a little worried.
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That's awesome, you rode on an elephant ... that's definitely an experience one doesn't get to have every day! We'll have to exchange elephant trip pics. I had the opportunity to ride one through the foothills of the Himalaya's in northern India. icon_smile.gif
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Ok, this isn't the one in the water but .....the other one is the floating market. Now that was something to see.
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pretty cool goose those are some great pics the floating market is very unique. It must be interesting there
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You are in BAngkok and you are worried about BBQ??

Now that is dedication..

Always wanted to see that part if the world.
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Not sure about dedication....but the food here is really good!! But I do miss BBQ!! I've seen one sign advertising BBQ but when I looked at the menu it wasn't bbq.
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