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some more CB with Q-view

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I'm getting ready to do some Canadian bacon later today and I thought I’d try some Q-view.
Starting with 14 pounds of loin that’s been cured in equal parts TQ and sugar for the last 7 days.

Washed them off good and soaked for 1.5 hours. Sliced the end off for a fry test and was good to go. It has a nice color to it.

Before I stuck them back in the frig to dry I took the smallest one and rubbed it down with CBP, then decided to cut it and half and add some cayenne pepper to half. We’ll see what happens.

Hope to get them in about 2pm and done by 9...
I’ll let ya know how they come out, Dan
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Looks like a good start wheres the rest biggrin.gif
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What he said.
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still cookin!! @ 150 now, headed for 155.
Got a late start and kept the temps down for the smoke part of the cook so I'm runnin a little behind schedule.
But thanks for askin :)
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It got a little late to post last night, but here's a pic when I pulled them,

This is the peppered one sliced this morning. excellent taste if I do say so myself. :) I wish I had done a couple of them like this.

One lesson learned is that I had the temp probe in one of the larger pieces and pulled them all when it hit 155, but the smaller ones ended up at about 165. still good but would have liked it a little moister.

Thanks for looking
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Great job Dan!!! Looks great!!!!
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Nice Dan. You'll get it better next time. Carol is just slicing some now with the CBP and said one word, GOOD.
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Good looking bacon Dan!
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Very nice!!!
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