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how dry are your dried snack sticks?

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The last batch of sticks I made came out great but they were still not quite dry enough for me. Which got me wondering if anyone else checks the weight before and after, and what the weight loss was?

I started with 6 lbs and ended up with 4.lbs or about a 33% weight loss.
Would love to hear what others do. Thanks;


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I know exactily what you are talking about.but have never wieghd mine but have cosiderd a couple hrs in the dehydrater after smoking.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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It depends on how you like them. Ryteks recipe calls for more of a prolonged, cold smoke process; 8 hours at 98 to 110 deg. up to 12 more for more tang, then raise temps til internal of 145 deg. I've done this and find I get more of a tubular jerky product. Some preprocessed recipes have inst. very similar to that of smoked sausage with raising the final temp to 155 or so. That leaves a product just about like salami or summer sausage. I've done them both ways and I spose its up to personal preference.
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