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armidillo eggs stuffed w/jalopeno stuffed olives

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oh wow check these out

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Nice looking eggs Mork. Big ol' suckers.
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What are they stuffed with?
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And what are they wrapped with?

Inquiring minds want to know. biggrin.gif

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Terry, they sure look tasty! Did you stuff the olives yourself or can you buy them that way?
Looks great!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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if it's the eggs I make there wrapped in breakfast sausage-I do all kind of things in them-Of course I use my home ground breakfast-and the trick is to keep sausage wrap as thin as u can-fun to play with.
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opps sorry there just made of a spicy breakfast sausage and a olive stuffed with jalopeno. the olives i got at sams . just sprinkle a little rub on them and i used hickory smoke at 225* bout 3.5 hrs. shure did make a good snack
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I've seen some large green olives stuffed with prosciutto at Costco.
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Points for something different and giving me some ideas!
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at sams i've got olives that are stuffed with onion,garlic&penoes to me all green olives are good but i really like these 3
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damn... those look great

just stumbled upon this post, and the pictures. I gotta make these(maybe this weekend instead of ABT's), sausage, & stuffed olives.. im all over that.
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I am going to do some armadillo eggs tomorrow while smoking the boar, and boudin, I am still looking for the stuffed olives I will use(something stuffed with cream cheese, and either garlic, or jalapeno).

I see most use breakfast sausage in their recipie, I am thinking Italian sausage would be a good match with the olive. Anyone tried it with Italian sausage?
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Looks good Terry. Love armadillo eggs, haven't tried them with olives in the middle yet though.
Wonder how lamb and sausage stuffed with feta stuffed olives would be...
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Last Tuesday I made a fatty with lamb, stuffed with feta, roasted red pepper, and a sort of paste I made by chopping fresh oregano, parsley, mint, olives, salt, and olive oil. It was devoured so it must have been a good combo. I would imagine something close as armadillo eggs would be good too.

And to not hijack the original post Terry, the sausage/stuffed olive eggs look awesome. I'll try that soon.
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turned out great, Italian sausage, jalapeno stuffed olives with a little rub sprinkled on. 2.5 hours @ 235.

I cant decide if I like these or ABT's better.
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practice makes perfect. Tweekd the recipie a tad, by adding some marianara to the italian sausage. Nice touch, sweeter flavor, and more moist. 2.5 hours and they were good to go. I even set out some marinara for dipping.

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Jim them are looken mighty fine PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks, those are becoming one of my favorite bbq sides.
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Looks good im gonna try that with some small pepper shooters and i'll let you know how they come outicon_lol.gif
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