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Horseradish & Taters

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Hello all, Todd here in Minnesota. Couple of questions for you. First off, where does one usually find horseradish to plant? I can't say I ever seen our local nursery carry that. Also, after established, how long before your should harvest it? Second, smoking potato's. When you do this, you leave them whole or cut in half or what? How long does it usually take before they are done? Thanks
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I think your local nursery should have some horseradish in the spring. Either that, or one of the mail order seed catalogs. It does grow quite fast. When I had mine, it had already been in for several years, planted by the previous owner.

I can't help you on the potatoes as I haven't smoked any yet. There are several folks here that will be responding shortly.
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todd, if your local nursery dont have it, which it prolly does. find in fridge with asparagus roots etc.... or you can get it mail order from any of the seed outlets, ie jungs, gurneys, and many more. just to caution you on horseradish, do not plant in your garden or any other spot where you may care if it spreads. because it does bigtime!!!!
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Our farmers co-op carries it-not gonna help you much, but they leave the root out for a few weeks in bushel bakets until sold.I planted a bunch and it took 2-3 years for it to get big like a cucumber-other wise it was size of small carrot and there wasnt much to grate etc.This stuff is super-hardy- so enjoy.
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And don't try to 'cut it back' with a lawn mower!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif Burn your eyes right out of their sockets.
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