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I've seen that too. From a safety standpoint it's true. If it was properly packaged/frozen, it is safe to eat indefinitely.

But, the quality suffers over time. Our butcher always told us 6 months for pork, 12 for beef should be the guideline for texture/quality. He also used a commercial vacuum sealer. I can attest to the beef being good for at least 1.5 years, but never had any last longer than that. Not sure why pork would be less time either.
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Does it matter if chain grocers have the 12% solution added to the butts or ribs for that matter? I always try to use Costco or Sams as they don't process their meat. There always seems to be good deals at Kroger or Food Lion but I read here I think to stay away from the solution enhanced pork? I'm heading to Sam's tomorrow so hopefully the price quoted on pg 2 is nation wide.
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Just filled the freezer, and it included two twin packs of Pork shoulder Roast (considered butts locally) for .79 per pound.
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I seem to have read somewhere that case price through Sysco is like 80 cents or so. I am going to see if our local Aramark guy will order me a case. I bought 6 at the last $1.00/lb. sale, and am down to two already. icon_sad.gif
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Just found a tiny mom and pop butcher near me... ordered two 7lb butts but they were 2.59/lb! I love to support the mom and pops but $1.00+ more than anyplace else? Don't know that I can swing that unless they're cutting up something special.
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I'm more interested in quality over price. The biggest problem I have is choice, six is a lot to choose from here. Size can be another problem.
I like to freeze them with the rub on. By the time they thaw the rub has had time to penetrate, but thorough thawing is important.
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Just picked up two 7 pounders from Krogers. Nice piece of meat for $.99 / lb!! Also grabbed two Chuck Roasts that where buy 1 get 1.

52F here today so it's "Fire up the GOSM" day. Got the 2 Chucks, 1 Italian Sausage Fattie (wraped in bacon and stuffed with Mozz., Parm, Romano, Peperoni, Banana peppers, pizza sauce), plus 4 breakfast plain jane fatties with Rub, one I slathered with Gouldins Mustard.

QVIEW comming.
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Swmo I was concerned about but I found if ya go in around 8am they have cases of the stuff in the back. Told them what size I wanted and they brought out about 10 I bought 5 of them.
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DANG!!!! thats a hell of a price!
I'm a shoulder guy myself but I pay .99 a lb.
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