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How much do you pay for your butts?

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I saw a sale at Kroger butts for .99lb, Good price I think. How long will the butts keep in the freezer?
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That's a good price. Sam's Club here has had them for $1.49 recently. I wrap in plastic wrap, then in butcher paper and have had them be just fine after 8 months in the freezer.
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for sure a good price.
I have paid as high as 1.69 when pork prices were
up and I had to make sausage for orders I had.
I buy mine from local butcher and he always gives them to me
just a little over cost and they are always very nice butts.
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The rule in our house growing up was pork in a non-frost-free freezer is good for minimum 6 months.

Fortunately, it never made that long anyway.

In a frost free freezer, maybe a bit shorter? More risk of freezer burn.
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Sale price around here 99 cents a pound and regular price is $1.29 a pound.
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.99 here at a local small store. I vac seal them and they are good for a long time. I just got a chuckie out that was there since 07 (got lost in the bottom of freezer icon_evil.gif ) and it tasted just like a fresh one off a cow biggrin.gif ..
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I get them for .99 cents a lb on sale most of the time
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I get mine at Sam's club. It is a 2 pack anywhere between 11 to 15 lbs in general. They are about 1.50 per pound.
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I wait and get them for $.99/lb on sale.
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.89 per pound in Alamogordo NM. Gots to be able to make them there tamalies.
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most of the time I buy on sale .99lb @ cash and carry. They are vacuumed pack in twos. Cases average 45 to 50lbs if I'm feeling real piggy i'll just grab a case, easier to carry biggrin.gif
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On sale, 99 cents otherwise price be 1.68 fer butss, shoulder runs bout a dime less. When they have a sale, an it ain't very offen, I stock up, usually a 100 pounds er more. Can get a shoulder sometimes on clearence cheap.
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Well with a pending 60lb of sausage to grind and case (as soon as I decide on a grinder) and the up coming cooking season I went with 85 lb, if the check book will allow I will pick up a couple more 2 packs on the way home tomorrow.. These were fresh and had not been frozen. Norrmal price is $1.89 so almost half price. I tossed one in the fridge marinating to go in the smoke tomorow!!

Pretty happy I found this!!
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Just bought a two pak here in n.c. at 99. a lb.
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Since I reside in an area that has plenty of markets that cater to the Hispanic community, I've been able to catch butts on sale for $.88 lb. Most times the larger chains have their sale @ $.99 lb. Also according to the FoodSaver book, storage life for beef, pork, lamb and poultry is 2-3 years.
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I guess I'm lucky to live in Iowa because I just bought half of a hog for $50 plus $30 to process. Not sure on the total weight but the shoulder alone was 18 pounds.
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around the 2 dollar range everywhere I have looked in Oregon. I was quick to pick up some buts when I saw them on sale for 1.20
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Jesus everything seems to cost so much more in MA.
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Just got back from Sam's and he said they were $1.53 last week. They're $1.28 this week. And $1.03 by the case.
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Almost everyone around has shoulders on sale for .99 lb this week. The last time I bought butts it was either 1.29 or 1.79 lb (can't remember).
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