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Tonights Meat Dish

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Well smoked up some pork steak tonight. I needed a short quick smoke to finish off the day. I didn't foil these when i pulled them off the smoker. Fuel was lump and the wood was cherry and oak. As the sun went down the heavier damp air started playing havoc with the smoker.

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Looks good. Almost like chix'n hawk. Lol. How's things D?
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Looks great David! Were those home grown steaks? cool.gif
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I like pork steak! Looks even better smoked.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Not home grown, we do cows not hogs. Hey Scott, coulda been cat steaks now that I think about it. It was kind of cool smoking them. After I opened up the smoke box as I was reaching in for the first one an owl swooped right over my head. Usually our cats, the neighbors cats and their Lab all stick close by the smoker. The owl was a first. I gotta tell ya though, while I was cooking these I sure wish I would have had some bacon wrapped dove to throw in.
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Yeppers. Dove are always on my list.
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What did you season with and how did you like them?
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Bacon wrapped dove, I can't get it out of my mind.

For seasoning I use my own mix. Its a 2 part, the first one is a garlic base rub. The second was a mix I make that is similar to McCormicks Montana Steak rub.

We love pork steak around here. It definitely beats frying them. Usually when we smoke them we end up cutting them up for burritos or fajitas. But not this time. Just ate them with baked potato, corn, fruit cup and rolls.
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