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Repost: MES mobile cabinet mod

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I thought I would re-post this, since it was lost in the server crossover(previously posted in November). These are pictures of my MES modification. I mounted it on a copier cabinet that I picked up for free at a local office machine store. Mobility and storage all in one. I also have always been somewhat suspicious about temperature in the chamber, so I added a "receptacle" to monitor temperature using my Taylor digital thermometer. Thanks for looking!

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Good idea. Storage is always handy. icon_smile.gif
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That's a great idea! Nice looking cabinet
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Thx! biggrin.gif
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Here's a recent mod on mine (wheels)....I actually like yours bettericon_sad.gif

Storage, plus it gets the smoker area up off the ground even more.

Great idea!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice mods from both. Thanks for the ideas.
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Here is my cart, it holds a 40" and a 30" MES and it has an outlet on the back to plug both smokers in
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great idea! Keeps all your stuff together nicely
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Here's my version.........

Attachment 12106

Attachment 12107
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I really like the idea of getting the MES off the ground. It's a small smoker and sits too low. Cookshack has similar bases for their Smokette. The storage is excellent to keep all the smoking paraphernalia togher.

Now I need to search for some thing to prop my MES on.
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I am also looking to do that, as I am a pretty tall guy and have some fused vertebrae. Taken together, that makes operation near the ground difficult. Keep up the great ideas.
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How can I connect a KEGERATOR to the MES & where can I plug in
my ipod?

Is a flat screen on the front, or on top of a smoker going a little overboard?

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I Kinda like it, now I never have to go in the house!
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