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Anybody else not getting emails when a reply is posted on a thread you are subscribed to?

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I didn't know that could be done. How does one set it up?

Computer illiterate and proud, that's me.
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I haven't recieved an email for a reply or pm in a long time. I have it all set up to do so but not getting them at all.
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When I first joined, I always got them. Right before things went bust, I usually got them, now I never get them.

Oh well.

Smokin Dick: If you click user CP at the top of the page it will take you to your settings page. The settings are under "Edit options" on the left.
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I will work on getting that fixed. Hopefully by the end of today.

Please pm me or email me with any other problems.
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email notifications

nada! zilch, none,nope, not yet, noooo, waiting, still waiting,
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i kinda like not getting them, keeps my inbox uncluttered!!! i ck site often enuff anyway.
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Good man, thanks a bunch. I'm always forgetting which threads I'm following.
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