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How To Give Points

I posted this information to SHOW people how to give points. Seems like most of the replies were about loosing points. Soo, once again this is how to give points.

Let's discuss points here. Please find the picture of some scales on the top right corner of your post. This is where you can give your members/smoker friends some points for helping you with problems or to give a pat on the back for a well built smoker or idea.
GIVE IT A TRY! CLICK on the SCALE and give a POINT or TWO! Fill in the blank area (reason) so the person receiving the points will know who and why the points were given. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME!
PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif GIVE THE MAN SOME POINTS!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

beardicon_smile.gif PS, FORGOT TO MENTION THE (USER PC) TAB on the Home Page. (look Below)

CLICK ON "USER PC" (above) to review your Reputation votes/points along with who sent them. IF they remember to include their name with the statment or explanation.
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Your points can be redeemed for gifts at the smf store. This is a joke for all you serious folks.

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Whats the deal, people still whining about losing some points are rep power. Whats the big deal, outside of this place they mean, NOTHING! Get over it, move on, have a life. My GOD if thats all you had in life was the points or rep power before the crash, you need more than anyone here can give you anyhow.
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I second that Dave. I lost, but sure as hell haven't lost any sleep over it. LOL

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I just gave you - points for beggin.
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Ok Bubba now ya made me feel bad for neglect. Here ya go little fella.... POINTS

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Ok it is a done deal. Don't bury it now. Display it proudly, for being well deserved. AH

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I would have like to given points because that was a good post but I am out icon_sad.gif of points to give
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I had a 54 Chevy Bel Air that had points in the distributor...
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LOL okay Bubba .. Why you gotta be like that?? icon_evil.gif

I think I have some laying around if anyone wants em you can have em. I never look at em til someone starts bringing this whole point thing up.
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I know if you get tickets for speeding fast enough you get points to without begging. I have friend the last time I talked to him he had 14 points with 4 to come off soon but he still has 3 unpaid tickets so he can get more points.
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Why you gotta ask??? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

By imn88fan
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I like yur sense of humor... seriously.
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Piggy .. Just looked in the corner, yep got some points there. I'll add mine with yours.
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Bubba....you shoot it straight! You need this smilie!

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Points- how 2 give points.


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LOL ... Bubba I wouldn't have ya any other way. icon_evil.gificon_evil.gif
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I haven't been around for a while so I thought I would check in to see how the forum was holding up. Looks like the point issue still has problems. Anyway, good luck.with your smokes!

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