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Smoking allot of #ss

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Well its on, I will be smoking 2 venison and a bear hind quarter this weekend. Thought I would get some ideas from all of the experts here.

The bear I was just going to rub the night before and hang in the smoker. Looking for 160 degrees.

The venison is a different story. Since this has so little fat I am concerned about drying it out. I was thinking of wrapping in bacon and I was wondering do you guys just but the cheapest bacon when doing this? I an figuring 2 LBs a quarter. Any technique for wrapping? I was going to rub the night before and wrap in the AM.

The second I was just going to rub heavy and go for a crust. My rub does pretty good for that and see if that will keep it from drying out.

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Yes the bacon is the way to go with the venison. Use toothpicks to hold it on.I would try to dig up an old thread of one I did, but my blood preesure won't take it right now. If you want to(and its still aroundPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif ) just check back through my threads a couple months, before christmas. I had some very good luck with that technique.
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scratch that idea, I just checked...........................gone!icon_evil.gif I could send ya to a place where that smoke was also posted but, thats a no-no, so sorry.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I am sure I saw that post also. Looked dang good too. I am sure that is were I got the idea. What about just heavy rub? I am thinking it would create a crust?

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Can't say I have ever tried this but it sounds interesting. It's called spiking the meat. You take bacon and cut it into thin stips with a point on the end. You then freeze it good. Insert a slim knife into the roast and then push the frozen bacon spike into the cut. This gets the fat into the meat. I'm going to have to try this one day.
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That venison will need some fat in it bacon or otherwise.

Maybe you could inject with like cajun butter, then rub for your crust.

Looking forward to it Pete.
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Well I guess the forum lost the post. I posted pic's and I did turn out well. I am still Q king of the hood. Both the bacon wrapped and the naked turn out well with the bacon wrapped having only a little more moisture. I think spiking the temp worked.


P.S. Capt D missed you.
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wrap the venison in bacon then wrap the bacon wrapped venison in cheesecloth or a smoking sock to hold the bacon over the venison, then if you have the height in your smoker hang or rack the venison directly below the bear so the bear fat will also baste the venison.
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