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Seared Chucky

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Since this post had gotten lost during the transfer, I thought I would repost. This was my first smoked chuck and I decided to sear before smoking.

Nice hunk of meat.

Seasoned her up and tossed on the grill over some lump.

Put in a disposable aluminum pan and put on the smoker.

Cold rainy day. Perfect for a good chuck roast.

Couple hours into smoke right before flipping over.


All sliced up. Man was it tasty. biggrin.gif

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Very nice I like those chuckies
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I couldnt help but notice you shop at the "piggly wiggly"
I guess its only funny to those that dont live in the south and recall the movie all to well
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Looks great Darrin!!
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It still looks good, lol. biggrin.gif
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Thats one of the best lookin chucks ive seen in a long time.
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Looks great. Think I'll sear my next ones.
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incredible crust on that chuck. Way to go Darrin. Looks fantastic.
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Nice chuckie Darrin. Real good marbling in that one. I love ANGUS
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Man, that's a good lookin' chucky..the sear keeps it juicier, eh?
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I'm not sure if it makes it juicier, but it does give it a very good flavor.
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Now that's something I'm gonna try this weekend...looks like you went with a light rub of some kind, maybe more of a steak seasoning?
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Great follow through on the pics, thanks for sharing the Q View.
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Nice job, looks very good.
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Man that looks good! As far as searing keeping the juices in, came across this in a post the other night. Follow the link, search for searing, and then go to page 154:

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Well done, Rsands...very good information. I didn't know that the browning from searing is what gives the burst of flavor. Points for thorough investigation. I'm definately gonna try that this weekend!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Nebraska! Found it diggin through posts here tryin to learn. It's amazing the wealth of info, love the place & the folks here!
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Wow that looks great I like to sear my meat, adds flavor.

I would give points but I am out.
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Thats Mouth Watering!
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