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Once again in Roll Call

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Since I joined after the month of October, there's no evidence that I've joined this forum. So, here's my intro again. I've been playing around with smoking and adding smokey flavor to my barbeque for 15 or so years. I had pretty much given up on using my electric ECB for smoking. Never cound get the temp high enough, and that thing has been in storage for about 10 years. I had been using my New Braunfels grill for barbequeing ribs, etc. until recently.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased one of the stainless steel Outdoor Gourmet smokers on clearance from Academy Sports for $128.88 It looks like it's sort of a stainless steel version of a GOSM. Other than the initial seasoning firing, I've fired it up for one smoke so far, and the results were great! I look forward to learning a lot form the members here and making some really good smoked meals in the future.
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Welcome from Pittsburgh, PA......I also have a GOSM........Great smoker
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Welcome Back
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Welcome home, that chicken looks like more directly. my mouth started watering when I looked at it.

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Welcome back that smoker looks good and that chicken looks great
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Hey welcome back
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