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King Crab Leg's

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Anyone ever smoke King Crab? I buy bags at a local grocer here in Regina they come in 2.5# packages pre-cracked and cooked. Just wondering how to go about smokin these.
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I have brushed them with butter salt and pepper, and smoked them for 45 minutes or so.
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Thats the way I do it too. Since they are already cooked they are easy to lay on the grate and add a bit of smoke.
They are very tasty too!! lol Now I'm hungry. biggrin.gif
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What temp 275 or so???
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And would you thaw them first? All ours come frozen.
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Oh man! Now I'm craving crab, lol. It is my absolute fav thing in this world.
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I do thaw them first...and use a temp around 275. and usually do them on my drum along with some rib eyes. :)
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Thanks will try this for sure!!
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