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Got your message, Al. Sent a PM back to you.
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I aint gonna pm yabiggrin.gif You can tell me here PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif I was thinkin on bringin all the beer and/or booze. ( gotta do shots around the campfire, right?biggrin.gif )....Any-hew, just let me know....
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Mike nice gesture but if we get to sitting around the campfire drinking beer I don't think ya wanna bring the truckload that may be required biggrin.gif
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lol jerry... But i am really serious. I dont mind a bit... Im poppin a tent up fri and aint leaving till sun.... I wanna drink ,eat and be happy..... Plus, i just closed on my re-fi biggrin.gif
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Ill bring plenty of charm and charisma.

Witt, sarcasm and dry humor are also taken care of.

Ill bring my own lawn chair, a truck full of citrus wood, and I don't know what else. Time will tell.

Lookin forward to it.

It's going to be like scenes straight out of deliverance.
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Bump again.......C'mon folks !!!!!!!!!!!! Im buying the booze ~!!!!!!!!!!
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Just show up and enjoy man !!!!1biggrin.gif
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Hmmmmm, might almost be worth the 20 hour drive! biggrin.gif
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Most definitely ... it'd be so neat to see ya and I wouldn't kick you out! icon_smile.gif
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Thought I would send this back to the top.

We're a couple weeks out now, and would love to see as many people as possible there.
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Hopefully the place won't be under water. It's been coming down at over an inch and hour for the past 3 days, 2 inches per hour today.
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Quack Quack the ark is almost completed biggrin.gif
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LOLOL..Im starting to think maybe i should nix the tent and just sleep in the car... Might not get as weticon_smile.gif
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Mike the camp is still fairly dry no standing water. I have a couple areas with standing water in the woods but nothing all that bad as yet.
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That's sounds good.. But just incase, I want a reserved room in the ark.. Not sure u can find 2 of me thoicon_twisted.gif
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Dang thats a scary thought :)
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Jerry said it was flooded in parts of the woods so I suggested we bring our inner tubes and have them hooked to one of his 4-wheelers, and go tubing PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Raining hard & lot's of it!
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In 2 weeks we will be stuffed full and sitting around the campfire.

I CAN'T WAIT!!! icon_lol.gif
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