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We butchered some 60-70 lb pigs this morning so we will have some porkers for smoking :D
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Awesome Jerry ... that is really something to look forward to! :D
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What's the head count now?
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Sounds like there should be a great crowd.
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I hope we have a good turn out but only one person has PMed me for the address so I don't really know how many are still planning on attending
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U know if I could I wood,hehe-shoot me a # jerry & I will call.
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One of these days, friend, we will have to get together .. wink.gif
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You know im there !! Looking forward to it.
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We are about 80% at this point, Mostly just need to be shure those tires will work, if so we are likely driving down thursday night/friday morning. Course we gott figure out what to bring for viddles...
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Hope you make it RG - looking forward to meeting ya!
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So at less than a month to go who is still planing on being there so far I have the following

Grouper Sandwich
Rio Grande

We have others who are maybes and some I haven't heard anything from. It would be nice to get an idea on numbers in the next week or two
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I'm planning on coming,

Lets hope the weather holds up.

Al Blancher (tibby)
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Al glad your gonna make it I wasn't sure
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Many of you have asked what you can bring Sumosmoke has a list of what I have already and what we will need and she will work all that out so please get with her about it and not me.

Those that make their own BBQ sauces how about bringing a bottle and we can sample and swap them.

Also please bring your own lawn chairs I have enough chairs for inside but not enough lawn chairs.
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Anyone who would like to atttend is more than welcome new members or old doesn't matter
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I am trying to decide what I’ll need to bring so maybe you can give me an idea of your plans for this gathering

Should I bring my smoker and wood?

Do you split it up and have everyone cook a meal or do you like to keep the kitchen communal and prepare meals together?

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Al I have a Lang 84 a GOSM wide body propane and a electric ECB here at the camp. I have oak, cherry, and pecan here also.

I have two whole pigs
I have two venison hams
I have some venison back-straps
I have some whole chickens
I have some big cans of beans to make Dutch's Beans
I have eggs
I have bacon

I think we will smoke a bunch of stuff and all eat well. Eggs an Bacon for breakfast or we'll figure out something biggrin.gif

Sumosmoke is handling the "what can I bring" end of it so you'll have to get with her on that one. It seems to work well for us using this method and I can spend more time getting stuff ready here.
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That means I can travel lite. I'll pm her to get on her list

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I was figuring I'd make up a big old batch of venison sausage gravy and biscuits one morning. Should be simple enough to make up plenty for everyone to get a belly full.
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