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North Florida Gathering II

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Dates: April 18 and 19 we will have people arriving on the 17th

Location: Chattahoochee, Fl 32324 Since this is private property please pm me for exact address

All members are invited some people will be coming for the day and others will be here for the weekend

It is about 25-30 miles Northwest of Tallahassee, Fl and about 20-25 miles South of Bainbridge, Ga. It is in the woods. I have several acres cleared and there is plenty of room for tents. I also have electric and water set up for a few RVs. There are also several hotel/motels in the area. I have a few shelters up if the weather should turn bad on us. I also have a building with a stove, water, and refrigerator we use to cook and eat in. There is plenty of firewood there.
This won't be real fancy but it should be lots of fun. Bring the families I have a couple hundred acres to roam.

Heres a couple links to the first one we had



As far as food we will get that together as it gets closer but I'm sure a pig and some venison are gonna be there.

So far I have Eagle, Slanted88, and Pharmboy down for RV spots but seems I'm forgetting someone. (the original thread is gone)
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It's on my calender! I'll be there!
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I am in. Should I try to trap some hogs for this?
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Ganny, You talkin about my ex wife?......Ha!
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I'll be there. I surely won't be supportin number 88 though. Unless DJ comes back and reclaims his real number. Not this 44 garbage. There will be a night race on the 18th at 8PM. We'll have to make sure we can get it.

Anyhow it should be a load of fun. Im really lookin forward to it.

I may just be tenting, but I have no problems with that. Maybe pull up a camper, but that would just be for luxury. Depends on the weather.

Who else is comin?
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If all this ice melts we will be there for sure.
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As of right now, plan on coming over from Louisiana. Looking forward to it.
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Jerry, Sandy and I are trying to work it into the budget. Daughter called last night and now I have a wedding to deal with. We will just have to see. While the date is 8 mos away it is a chunk of bucks. Oh well he seems to be a good guy and She is happy. LOL
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Rick I sure hope ya'll can make it as you know with a tent its a pretty cheap weekend. I'm stockpiling a bunch of meat already. We should have a piggy or two and some venison for sure. May have a few other things around here too
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You know I'll be there, buddy. Definitely looking forward to it and will chat with ya later about the rest of the supplies.
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Well I turned down shooting a Wedding that weekend, so I'd better show up at this gig to make it worthwhile for me. If I can't make some $$, might as well have some great food.
Save a tent spot for me and Mrs Flash. 14 x 10 or so.
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BBQ? I'm there dude!biggrin.gif
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Weather is getting warm, should make for a great time as long as it doesn't rain! biggrin.gif
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I kinda had an idea I figured I run past ya'll how many would be interested in making up some sausage? I know not everybody has the equipment to make their own and I know some that will be here have the knowledge and I have the equipment. What ya'll think??????
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I don't have the equipment or any idea on how to make sausage so having a sausage making party would be pretty darn cool.
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Thats kinda what I thought Laurel I know we'll be kinda busy but there should be time and experienced people to help out.
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Jerry, as much as I would love to go (like I had originally planned) I don't think we will be able to make it. I would have to pull the kids from school for at least a couple of days and money is still pretty tight here. I bet it would cost me at least a couple hundred bucks in fuel pulling the trailer. I hope you understand.
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Andy I certainly understand its a long haul from there to here. If you ever make it down this way you call ahead and we'll plan a gathering biggrin.gif
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I put two venison hams in the freezer on Thursday for the gathering.
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Now that sounds like a winner.
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