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k hear are the latest photos. Ask any questions you may have. Pat
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That is awesome!! I had a friend contact me about 5 minutes ago. He has a guy where he works that is interested in doing the welding and cutting for me.
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Tater...awesome build.

Wow - some good welders around here. LOVE the woodstove as a firebox idea. Fantastic...and the reverse flow plate/weld/angle iron/drain pipe assembly is top notch...that's just how I plan to do mine.

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heres the pix i promised. nuttn fancy, but gets the meat smokin. Good luck with your build. holler if i can offer any advice.
have a great one!

have fun with it. the build is half the fun!
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Sweet! That is very compact, which is important. I don't want this thing so big that the wife won't let me keep it at home ;-)

Good job - to you and everyone who has a home made build.
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cutting the doors on the tank - home made smoker question

Hey all, I have two questions/topics:

1 - I have heard that there are a couple "pro tips" for cutting the out doors on a steel tank when making a smoker. I can't recall the exact details, but it has something to do with either a) welding on the hinges in place before cutting the door piece totally out, or b) stopping short of cutting the door all the way out to let it cool, and then maybe welding the hinges on...or something ??

Can anyone go over this process for me? Thanks.

2 - Where is the best (good quality but the best price for it) place to buy the hinges, door handles, etc...all the hardware that goes into the smoker - besides the steel tank and tires!


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For question #1 : my method is to make the top cut of the door first, I use either a angle grinder (cutter) or a plasma cutter. Then I tack weld my hinges where I think I want them before I finish the remaining cuts. You may also want to tack on a handle for easier operation.

You can always move them later if you do not like the original placement.

As far as #2 : It depends on where you live I guess, I get a lot of my stuff from Home Depot, Lowes or a small Steel shop we have here in town.

P.S. if you are using an old propane tank, make sure you fill it with water before you start cutting, we want to see you around here for a long time

Good luck with the build
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All i did when i cut my doors was cut the top line (where the hinges go) first and then i welded on the hinges. Then we cut down the sides. then we welded the 1inch flap or strap on both sides, then we cut the botom and the door opened.

As for the hinges i got mine at norco welding supply, they cost 3bucks and are reted at 300lbs per pair. My handles i got at my local army surplus store, they are a big alen wrench with a screwdriver type handle, they where 2.50.

I have also seen guys use welding hammers for handles.
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PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif Thanks for the reminder! I am copying and pasting a lot of this good information into a Word document for my brother, since he will be supervising the build. By supervising, I mean doing everything, while I take pictures and pass out beers PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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