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Nice set up there, they even included wood? You'll have a huge time with that one. Just got rid of one similar.
Good Luck
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That is one bad rig right tharr
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Damn that thing is a beast! Waiting on some Qview!
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Great Smoker, you must be very proud! How does it tow? I am in the process of building (actually still planning, finally have all the parts) a smoker on a trailer. I want to offset the smoker to one side of the trailer but wondered how it would tow. I was going to add a couple of deep fryers up in the front of the trailer and wood for cooking on the side opposite of the smoker, but now the possibilites are endless. I'm real happy for you!
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WOW!!! Impressive rig.
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What time should I drop by for lunch? You can't be more than a ten minute drive away. icon_smile.gif
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Nice looking rig!
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The trailer is a 6x11 with a 3500lb axle. She tows like a dream other than being a little bit tongue heavy! You are right the possibilities are endless! I am about to mount 2 15gal water tanks below the gas grill so I can have fresh water to rinse things as needed.

Sorry I haven't gotten any pics yet but the design is 2 plates that are NOT welded in so they can be removed for cleaning plus you can clean the bottom of the tank if need be. They slide together to have a continuous plate across the bottom except at the far end where there is about an 6-8 in gap.

Good eye! Actually 2 bottle openers, 1 on each end!

Where in Sboro are you? Didn't see your post until late Sat night otherwise would have loved for you to swing by for the maiden voyage.
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