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Well since everyone else is reintroducing themselves

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Hello again- J Currier here. I smoke my meats, cheeses, and shellfish up here on the coast of Maine. I have an electric lil chief (perfect for cheeses) and a ECB gormet- no mods yet, but I need to get to that, 2 18" weber kettles, a 22" weber kettle, and a weber gas (for cooking burgers). I am an avid hunter, fisherman, and boater. I dabble in recreational aquacultre in my spare time and manage to raise about 1,500 oysters a year to eat with the family. Married with 2 kids- 2 and 5 years old.

Thats enough about me- how about you?
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Welcome back glad you made it
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Welcome back nice to hear from you
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Glad your all the oyster's I want in the bay about 75 yards from the house!
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Welcome back from Pittsburgh, PA
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I've been smoken for about 20 plus years mostly turkies but have done ribs,venison roasts, jerky and peppers of all kinds. In my arsenal I only(right now) have a 22" weber kettle, 48" propane smoker and a brinkmann(electric) 18 years old. In my somewhat spare time the wife and I rescue stray dogs & cats, saltwater fish from piers and surf(I live 45 mins. from the Chesapeake Bay). Married to my lovely wife for 27 years with one kid 24years old.
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Welcom smoken yankee!
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welcome back Jcurrier....from mid coast Maine
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1500 Oysters a year and only 2 kids? LOL

I could not resist that one.
Todd here in Sub-Zero Minnesota. Became a member about 2 months ago, but got wiped out by the Server Meltdown we had last week. Married with 2 kids, live on a old 10 acre dairy farm. We raise our own beef, and soon to add some goats, a few piggies and possibly some sheep. In the process of converting an old 1940's fridge into a smoker so anyone with any input on this is welcomed.
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BW you are only about 45 mins north of me. Headed to the snow bowl this weekend for the races
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Jcurrier: we live just 3.1 miles above the Snow Bowl, same road. we spend all summer at Pemaquid camp grounds. we have a 38' 5th wheeler. just learing how to smoke. the fella thats is beside me down there, smokes all the time and got me started.
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Welcome back and hows the oysters?
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The oysters are all sleeping quietly on the bottom for the winter, almost lost them in an early ice freeze up though- out there on the water the second week of January in my 12' smoker craft breaking a 1/4 inch of ice to try and rescue them! next year I am putting them on the bottom earlier in the year
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