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Grilled spring chinook

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Its time to start moving this stuff so when the fresh fish get here in a couple of months there will be room for them in the freezer. This is my favorite way to cook salmon. I keep it simple. Salt, pepper and garlic powder. I throw it on a hotter than hell grill grate. I think the thermo on my performer said 475ish this time. Start it skin side down, always skin on. I flip it a couple of times because I like the fireworks and I get a better feel for how well done it isent. I dont cook it, for myself, untill it flakes apart because most of the flavor is gone by the time it gets that well cooked. I want it so its just good and hot and cracked open a little in the thickest part. Nice and rare.

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That's enough to make a guy hungry! Thanks for the pics.
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Looks good. icon_smile.gif
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Cacus that looks mighty tasty!! Mmmmm, could ya send some over for my breakfast? biggrin.gif
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Taste buds are going crazy!
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I'm with ya slant, mine are running in overdrive today

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifgreat looking fish
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That does it! I am getting some salmon tommorow.
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Very nice!
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looks perfectly cooked to me :-)
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Thanks for the kind words folks.
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That be some sweet salmon!!
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LOOKS GREAT Caucs...Can't wait till spring and get the flyrod out
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