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I can't imagine this - I've gone through 4 butts in the last two weeks!
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In my defense (and not to hijack the thread), I've done a bunch of butts lately and wanted to take a break from pulled pork for a bit. Not much room in the fridge so it went to the freezer. Time to get 'er defrosted though...
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Hey wutang. How do you like that meat slicer?
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So far so good. I have only used it this one time but I have no complaints.
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Dude, that looks awesome. I gotta try it one of these days when i get some time. Sure nuff worth some points
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I think you will like it. The prep doesn't take too long then it just sits in the fridge for a week and a half. Thanks for the points.
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nice post - just about to post something similiar :-)
Is it cooked to a edible degree after the smoking ?

Looks like it fried up great, my current batch of leg bacon I'm leaving un smoked/cooked. But if that cooks the same as raw I'll probably do that next time :-)
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That is some good looking Q!!
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I took it to an internal temp of 140 but since it had been cured I suppose you could eat it at that point. But since you are smoking it at a little lower temp the fat isn't really rendered out. I liked it after frying it a lot. I also used it in a pasta carbonara-REALLY GOOD. I have also made abts using it-since the bacon is leaner it crisped up faster so the jalapenos still had some crunch and some heat. They were great. I am looking forward to your post.
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Great bacon wutang!!!
Very nicely done!
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How long did you apply smoke to the bacon? I picked up a box of the cure/seasoning and plan on following the directions to a tee, but i just want to make sure I don't apply too much smoke. Thanks
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I followed the directions as well. I use a horizontal offset smoker. I just burned Royal Oak lump charcoal for the first 45 minutes maintaining a temp of about 150. Then bumped the temp up to 200 and used apple wood chunks as needed to keep the thin blue smoke flowing until the internal temp hit 140F. Good luck with it, I will be looking for your post.
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Looks great.
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Looks mighty fine. Gonna put that on my list . Since your taking it to 140, do you think it would work with venison being there is no fat?
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The pork butt is much leaner than belly bacon but still has a high fat content when compared to venison. I don't have much experience with venison so I would hate to steer you the wrong direction. My only suggestion would be to try it and see how it comes out.
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