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Some Smoked Oyster's fer Solar!

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Nothing special. Linda Lou & I got into some her Daddy tonged up. I stopped at 4 dozen....that woman can Rock with them Oyster's. Little evoo, bacon bits, chitople tabasco, parmesan cheese! Oh....Beer! to wash em down.

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Mmmmm those look darn good Slanted!
Solar may have just met his match!! (sorry Brian) PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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DUDE! So I didnt think I was a big fan but I gotta try these.
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That woman can eat faster than I can shuck! Course with a Beer near by I tend to slow down!
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How does one shuck oysters w/ a beer in one hand???biggrin.gif
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Got a fine woman! Louie Beer, she grabs & to me lips! Never stop shuckin!
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Looks like I gots me some competition, those things look wonderful, you better hope I don't meet Miss Louie, I might just sweep her right out from under you. LOL Nice Job!!
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Great looking oysters!! Now I'm hungry! cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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How 'bout a little more about the Cook/Smoke process? Wood choices? etc. We eat a lot of em up here in the NW, just usually raw or off of a fire or bbq. Looks great!
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I got em on the 7n1. Crank the heat up, the oyster's are on a tray with the top on the 7n1. Used hickory chunks. Take em off when you think they look right. Gotta fend Linda lou off, she's on these things!
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Points for some great looking oysters!
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I saw your thread at work, but no pics. Stopped on the way home and bought a doz blue points. Shucked and ate before I remembered I wanted to try smoking'em.
Oh well there is always tomorrow.
Nice idea, they look good.
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Be allright my brother! Been convicted of eatin em raw! Miss Louie is a Felon of raw!
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