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Pulled Beef Quesadillas W/BBQ Ranch Dipping Sauce

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With the Qview....Of course! Lets see if I remember how to do this....started out with chuckie, which I'm sure everyone has seen. But in review, rubbed with Montreal steak seasoning, into the smoker @230* until it hits internal temp of 165*. Added a little Au jus and foiled until internal temp hit 205*. Left wrapped and into cooler for over 2 hours and the internal temp was still 176* thats pretty cool I think. Heres a shot of Chuck....

While Chuck was in the smoker, I threw together a batch of these...16-20 count raw shimps, boiled in OldBay Seafood seasoning, cocktail sauce made with the FIL's homemade haorseradish.

Here a shot of the ingreeeds...Flour tortillas, red and green peppers, shredded monteray jack and sharp cheddar, and the star of the show, pulled beef.

Tossed together in the pan....

A layer of cheese, peppers and pulled beef, another layer of cheese and a tortilla. Fried up until brown on both sides. Threw together a dipping sauce consisting of 1/4 cup of your favorite bbq sauce and 1/2 cup of ranch dressing. Plated it up....

As always....Thanks so much and its GREAT to be back!!
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That's a meal that's about as tasty as they look. Gotta give some points out to ya, sir!
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Ya always make me think? Now that is right!
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wow points on that one thanks for the qview
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DINGLE, that looks outstanding! Now I'm really hungry. Dibs on any leftovers. biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the points all!! I could use 'em...seems I'm missin a few. Whatever....Food and qview is what its all about right?
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Sorry 'bout no leftovers Cowchick! This happened 'bout two weeks agocool.gif Would be happy to whip ya up a fresh batch thobiggrin.gif
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ya got that right ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Great looking eats. Thanks for sharing
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Got me droolin!!
WTG Dingle!!!
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Just finished dinner and now I'm hungry again. Looks great
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Up to your old tricks I see, Dingle. biggrin.gif Making me drool and wishing I still lived in Syracuse, lol.

That looks really good, makes me wish I polished off the last of the chuckie already. Looks like it's time to do another one.
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Awesome, we eat quesodillas all the time, quick and tasty.

These are going to be put into rotation. Thanks!
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